Tuesday, December 25, 2012

rid me of myself, i belong to you

Jesus, let my desires be in line with Yours. keep my selfish ambitions away from my desires and show me daily which path to take. keep my mind and heart clear from confusion and fill it only with your peace, clarity and wisdom. i can make all the plans in the world but i know that if my plans don't fall in line with Yours, Yours are always going to be far superior, whether i know it at the time or not. :) i know Your timing is perfect, so please help me to not rush things so that they fit my time frame. You rarely run on my clock, but You are never late. please help me to remember that. even when You are seemingly silent, it's actually just You being patient (and teaching me patience as well.) i pray that i would draw close to You and in turn be able to clearly see Your guidance. lastly, help me not to follow my heart, but instead help me to learn to discern Your still small voice and allow that to lead me. i know that You will never leave me empty because You don't want to withhold good things from your children. if You are asking me to put something down, please help me to trust it's because you want me to move on to bigger and better things that will help me further my relationship with You and be further transformed into Your image. thank You Jesus! we love you

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